DJ skills

Dancefair presents a dedicated area for DJ’s on both Saturday and Sunday. We focus on what you need as a DJ to start, to improve, to grow and to reinvent yourself. To become a successful DJ it’s important to be heard, but also to be visible. You need to build your brand based on your personality and your music. Visibility online is crucial to enrich your profile and to target an ever growing audience. In the end we as DJ’s all focus on getting more bookings.


Skills, techniques and DJ knowledge
DJ online promotion and socials
Organising your music
How to prepare your sets
DJ Securities and insecurities
How to network better
Balance between creativity and business
Technical know-how

Producer knowledge

Dancefair is the event to upgrade your profile as a producer. On both days you can drop your demo towards 80 different labels. Connect with high-profile experts of FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase and Logic in the specialised DAW area. Improve your skills during valuable masterclasses with international superstars and national heroes as your mentor in Future House, Bigroom, Techno, Trap and Harder genres.


Usage of sidechain and parallel compression
How to improve your productions skills
Composing and arranging
Mixing and Mastering
Studio workflow
Instrument recording and vocals
Which plugins are there and work best
Sequencers and drumcomputers

I want to drop my demo

At the demodrop you can showcase your tracks 1-on-1 to representatives of different labels who will provide you with feedback on the spot. This is a unique possibility for valuable feedback so make sure you have some tracks ready on a sound carrier like your laptop or mobile phone. The representatives of the labels will have their own headphones. The demodrop is a very popular element of Dancefair so keep in mind that there will be queues. Navigate to ‘Labels’ to check who’s at Dancefair 2018

Industry professional info

There more options to start a carreer in the music industry than you might think. Have you ever thought or dreamed about working as a (artist)booker, social media specialist or to start your own clubnight, festival or record label? At this year’s Dancefair, you are in for something special!


How to start your clubnight
How to start a carreer in the music industry
How to start a company in the music industry
How to start a record label
Everything about blokchain technology
How to make revenues out of social media
How to make revenues out streaming platforms

Musician masterclasses

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd as a modern musician. Which direction do you want to go? During Saturday and Sunday, Dancefair offers a complete approach towards the modern musician. Your challenges and the wide range of opportunities will be represented during the weekend. We offer intuitive masterclasses, a dedicated DAW area, innovative instruments, effects and tools and ways to enhance your live performance and empower your creative workflow with latest gear and technology.


How to songwriter better
How to compose and arrange
How to record live instruments in the studio
How to use pitch correction for vocals
How to make your songs radio ready
How to be a music DIY
How to monetise your music
How to get heard and catch the industries limelight
How to get more gigs

I want to test or buy music gear

O yes! You are at the right spot. Our expo floor has over 200 brands in attendance such as Pioneer DJ, Ableton, Native Instruments, Denon and much, much more. The expo is not only to test gear, you can also buy for great discounts! Come to Dancefair to excite your senses and catch up with the latest innovations.