50:HERTZ Techno

Techno Lovers you are in for a treat. In collaboration with 50:HERTZ Dancefair presents a full stack Techno program filled with masterclasses, seminars and an advanced Techno producer experience. We are here to develop your skills, workflow, knowledge and performance.

50:HERTZ is devoted to do their part for the Techno scene. They create a dynamic platform to connect DJs, labels, events, promoters, producers with the dedication of the Techno crowd. Do you love Techno? Dancefair is the place to be on the weekend of 17 & 18 February 2018.

Techno Artists 

With an impressive line-up of international producers and local heroes, you can go into the deep and obscure corners of electronic music production. With masterclasses straight from the beating Techno heart by LAAT, JSPR, Mitch de Klein, Joran van Pol, Tinlicker, Minitech Project, Lucien Foort, Man With No Shadow, Paul Maddox and Weska.

The dedicated 50:HERTZ Techno area is hosted by: Mitch De Klein, Full On Funk, Igor, Ennik, Janick Megroot, David Leese, KEFFISH, Ricardo Carota and YEZPR.

Powered by Airborne Black they’re taking their edge on techno all over the world.

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