50:Hertz Techno Area

50:HERTZ is devoted to do their part for the Techno scene. They create a dynamic platform to connect DJs, labels, events, promoters, producers with the dedicated Techno crowd. Do you love Techno? This is the place to be. Together with Airborne Black a wide range of techno artists is selected to provide you the latest insights in the techno music community.

Techno artists

With an impressive line-up of international producers and local heroes, you can go into the deep and obscure corners of electronic music production. With masterclasses straight from the beating Techno heart by LAAT, JSPR, Mitch de Klein, Joran van Pol, Tinlicker, Minitech Project, Lucien Foort, Man With No Shadow, Paul Maddox and Weska.

The dedicated 50:HERTZ Techno area is hosted by: Mitch De Klein, Full On Funk, Igor, Ennik, Janick Megroot, David Leese, KEFFISH, Ricardo Carota and YEZPR.

Powered by Airborne Black they’re taking their edge on techno all over the world.

Man With No Shadow: Stay Focused
Sunday – 50:Hertz Techno – 13:00 / 13:45

Learn everything about the Techno scene by one of its godfathers. Learn how it has developed over time and how you should play the game to become successful. He has proven that delivering the best tunes will get you places if you stay focussed. Come found out what you can do to work more efficiently and gain more results in your network!

Joran van Pol: Beyond CDJ’s and a mixer
Saturday – 50:Hertz Techno – 16:45 / 17:30

Always thought that a mixer and CDJ’s are the only viable DJ setup? Think again. Throughout the years, Joran has created a complex DJ setup that allows him to blur the lines between a traditional DJ set and live performance. During his masterclass, Joran will explain how he sets up and uses his DJ setup on stage.

What you will learn

  • How can you go beyond traditional DJ-ing with Traktor
  • How to use four decks in your DJ set
  • How to add additional drums to your set using Maschine MK3
  • Combine the best of DJ sets and live performances
Production Masterclass: Weska
Sunday – 50:Hertz Techno – 15:30 / 16:15

Making techno that doesn’t ever let up, Weska develops diamonds for the dancefloor when in the studio and then puts the final polish on it all when he takes over the controls on the DJ booth.

Weska is best known for brightly produced, dynamic techno carefully crafted for maximum impact on big sound systems. Melodic yet at times dark, his vision has consistently translated into a distinct and commanding form of music. Embodying his energetic spirit, his productions hit the dance-floor with immense vitality. The Toronto-born, now Berlin-based Weska sees strong support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Christian Smith and Eric Prydz. He has worked closely with Coyu and Pleasurekraft, played for Creamfields UK and, during the summer of 2017, is a resident at Prydz’s Tuesday night at Hi Ibiza.

A relentless studio denizen, the 25 year-old Weska is always at work proving why he’s a name to watch in the underground techno world. Make sure to finish your day off in style and learn from somebody from the Techno Capitol of the world, Berlin…the city of sin!

Production Masterclass: Spektre
Saturday – 50:Hertz Techno – 14:15 / 15:00

Spektre have already inspired so many producers out there with their productions and by sharing their knowledge on earlier occasions. Paul Maddox will represent Spektre for the weekend and will share his knowledge and take on the scene with you on both days. He knows all the game better then any other and has a great feel for what works. Get inspired and learn from one of the masters of the current Techno scene.

Creating Depth and Texture in a track:
Feel like your tracks are lacking character and uniqueness? In this talk, Paul will guide you through a number of ways to add textural layers to your productions by contrasting different sound sources and treatments, as well as tips and tricks to broaden your audio palette.

What you will learn

  • Contrasting sound from different sources
  • Contrasting FX treatments
  • Choosing unusual samples / avoiding “sample pack syndrome”
  • EQing in situ
  • Playing with timing
  • Subliminal layers
  • Simple Stereo tricks
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