Day: Saturday / Area: 17 (DJ CLUB) / Time: 14:00 – 14:45

Wondering how to raise your live DJ performance to the next level and separate you from ‘the norm’? Want to introduce techniques, tricks, tech innovations and crowd reading psychology to make you a crowd-pleasing superstar? – Then look no further and experience a Masterclass from industry recognized tech and performance innovator, DJ/Producer, Laidback Luke! In a live and interactive audience environment, Luke will pass on his years of hard-earned, ground-breaking knowledge and experience to help you transform your own live performance and dancefloor interaction techniques. Become the creative powerhouse you deserve to be!

What you will learn:

  • Transition effortlessly across different genres
  • Short DJ set? – Fast mixing!
  • Master, control and simplify technology to serve you best
  • Loop, Roll, Slice, Cue Juggle and Remix live? Yes, you can do it
  • Using FX to enhance your DJ set
  • Swap around your set list to suit different countries & crowds
  • Musical key matching, soundscapes and ‘The Journey’