Ok, ok.. that subject line was a bit cynical. But we have to be honest, so many times we see artists or upcoming professionals that walk around like they’ve seen it all and know it all. But education – in what form or level – is always good for you. Having a release or two and some gigs or events is just the starting point. The real obstacle to overcome is: What next? How can you get to the next level? That’s where most of us get really challenged. Dancefair PRO could be an answer. Dancefair PRO is a brand new area for the ones that have some succes in their field(s), but want to know MORE, MORE, MORE! Those artists and entrepreneurs are the ones we love and are exactly the ones that will succeed.

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Legal stuff
Building your brand
Spotify masterclasses
Science and psycho-analysis behind social media
Managers: What can they do
Launching a music career

And more..