Dancefair is looking for 10 DJs

We are looking for approx. 10 digital DJs to warm up the visitors at the entrance during Dancefair on 17/18 February in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.

What we are looking for is DJs with the following profile:

  • Digital DJ
  • Bring your own controller, laptop, gear
  • We take care of the sound system
  • Deephouse, House, Chill, Warm, Vibe, Groove, Club, Eclectic, Ibiza, Mainstream
  • No pumping floor fillers and big room (although we like it, it is not the right place)
  • You just need to welcome all visitors with a tasty set of inspiring music

What we want from you to have a chance to get a spot as a Dancefair DJ:

  • You need to have a ticket to Dancefair
  • You need to have a Souncloud or Mixcloud link to a full DJ Set
  • You need to send your application to
  • You need to send it now
  • We will announce the DJs representing Dancefair on Friday