Alon Dreesde (1993) is a singer-songwriter, an accomplished musician in multiple instruments, Topliner and producer, based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). After playing lead guitar in several bands, Alon decided to start focusing on his solo career as a producer and songwriter.

‘In the process of making music and writing songs I strive to recreate the blueprint of sounds that I have on my mind as closely as possible. That’s why I want to know how to play as many instruments as possible: it enables me to achieve the closest result.’

‘Reading notes never really interested me. In my work I prefer relying purely on sound and intuition. To me, music is the purest form of creation. There are days where I spend over 10 hours just playing. I am passionate about shaping an idea, a feeling or an experience into something new, in sounds, lyrics and beats. I love it when a song offers others a similar experience. Being an instrument to create something that would not have been there otherwise is simply magical.’

In 2016 a big dream of his came true when he got to play live on stage in full stadiums along with his best friend Janieck, composer of the world hit “Reality” performed by Belgian DJ Lost Frequencies – A great opportunity to perform for a massive audience. Since then Alon started to write for artists such as: Lucas & Steve, Deepend and Janieck.

Dan Maarten Feat. Alon – A little love
Jesse Aerox & Alon – Tel Aviv
Janieck – Does it matter
Deepend x Janieck – To Rome
Lucas & Steve x Janieck – You Don’t Have To Like It
Sophie Francis – Hearts Of Gold