Head of Events, Future House Music

Bart van der Plas is co-founder and Head of Events at Future House Music. His day to day activities involve all matter within the reach of a single day or night out. This means maintaining relations, finding new partners and locations, making bookings, strategies, design, online and local promotion and finance. Besides his event activities he is involved with strategies for the Future House Music concept and any website business.

A hobby, a dose of creativity and assertiveness created his position. After a bold move leaving his home country (The Netherlands) to set up a life abroad, he realised music was missing. Every weekend back home house parties were a big happening where he played music as a DJ on a regular base. His new home in Switzerland didn’t offer that opportunity so he had to come with a solution; organise an event. After an amazing night the second event was planned. Ten events later, back home for a family visit and talking to his cousin (A&R Future House Music) the idea was brought up to host a Future House Music event. Now two years later, 20+ events have been hosted in 4 different countries.