Sweet, sour and everything in between. 60 minutes of finger licking feel good music where you can’t stop moving. Cheatday on the dancefloor with always a little woman kindness.
Ranging in different styles, tempo’s and flavours, Capital Candy will bulldozer you with sweetness. Without being cheesy, he’s gonna serve you the most catchy and sing along tracks, right on your plate. We’re talking about a real music producer here, so a lot of those tracks are from Mr. Sugar himself. Within 6 months Capital Candy already received a golden record for ‘’Mood for Lovin’’ ft. Freddy Moreira, which is probably gonna go platinum in 2018! One of his recently released tracks ‘’Ga Koti’’ is now charting and one of the most played tracks in de Dutch party-scene. Weaponed with lovable candy girls, a candyfloss-machine, his fine
taste of music and one hell of a happy face, you definitely don’t wanna miss out this guy.
Come hungry, leave happy!