He has chosen music as his ultimate instrument to show his emotions to people. On his debut album “Winter All Year” he was assisted by his experienced fellow townsmen Darin Guermonprez (known for his work for DAC, De Colombiaanse Bloedgroep) and Bobby Littlejohn (E-Ville Media). “Winter All Year” marks the start of City Lights’ musical career, and gives a good impression of what he intends to make for as long as possible: atmospherical soundscapes, combined with raw and aggressive elements. City Lights’ next big project is already in the pocket; the entire production of Dutch rapper DiceCream’s third studio album.
A lot of music can be expected from City Lights in the nearby future. The young talent is ready for some power moves, and he’s not planning to stop sharing his vision on music anytime soon. You may know CityLights from the tracks:

  • City Lights – Metrozoomin’
  • City Lights – Someone Like You
  • City Lights – Pussy Like
  • City Lights – CoCo Remix