We are excited to present ‘the jack of all trades’ DJ Licious. Belgium-based, but beaming the love for house music all over the world. Known for his hitsingle ‘I Hear You Calling’, DJ Licious started his journey years ago, when as an aspiring DJ, he set up his own clubbing concept ‘SHOMI’ which he still runs ‘till this day and has his own radio show at Radio FG.

“Many professional artists have musical family or friends’ in the music industry when they started out, Licious says. I had none of that. Therefore I needed to go through the pitfalls, uncertainties and hours and hours of research on myself and the business of music before becoming the musical entrepreneur I am today. I’m happy to attend the first Belgian edition of Dancefair to share my experiences and knowledge on how to build you career in today’s music industry. On how to approach it as an upcoming artist and how to become more creative in the studio.”

We say amen to that. Welcome DJ Licious!