Dopebwoy released in 2011 his first Dutch track and started braking through. In the beginning of 2012, he released his first video clip ‘Beatrix’ with the features Lexxus, Rasskulz, Donny Baby en Scotteboii. In 2012 he also wrote a track called ‘Zomer’ for kempi, but Kempi made a verse on the track and Dopewoy released the track. From that moment that song was for 2 weeks on #1. In 2014 and in 2015 he made tracks for F1rstman (Vertel me), Bundem (Dopebwoy), Yes-R (That’s Life) en SBMG (Late Night Seks). Dopeboy is also known for the hits:

  • Dopebwoy – Cartier ft. Chivv en 3robi
  • Dopebwoy – Afstand
  • Jermaine Niffer – Alles contant ft. Dopebwoy en Jozo
  • Keizer – Interessant ft. Dopebwoy