Music production, promotion and management have grown as lifelines since Gino’s early teenage years. As graduation drew closer in Information Sciences at the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) and Roosevelt University Chicago (USA) he could only wait impatiently until his musical ventures could receive his full time dedication. Continuing to develop his creative understanding and expertise of music, whilst graduating he dedicated his thesis to “The export of EDM from the Dutch to Chinese Market”. A creative mind with expertise in music production and art design, to the assertive drive for entrepreneurial ventures resulting in Future House Music. With setting up a modern start-up comes trial and error, finding new ways to anticipate on future developments. Within FHM Spotify plays a pivotal role as the new standard for music enjoyment. Feeling energized by the unfamiliar and stimulated by working together with international teams the biggest question is not what the far future holds, but what next year will hold.