Jairzinho (co-founder of Rotterdam Airlines), begun in 2006 with acting in the production of the RO theater, Rotterdam Lef, a tour in America and a part in the series ‘Onderweg naar morgen’. In that same period, Jairzinho made his entrance as a musician with his number ‘Super y’. After that you didn’t heard much of him, but in 2016 he made his comeback with his track ‘Laat niet los’ in collaboration with Jonna Fraser. And now you can’t stop jairzonho from making hits. In 2017 he released his EP ‘Gouden plaat’.
He made hits like:

  • Jairzinho – Tempo ft. Sevn alias, BKO and boef
  • Jairzinho & two Crooks – Now she see me ft. Sevn Alias
  • Jairzinho – Mad Max
  • Jairzinho – Matta ft. BKO & Jonny Sellah