Music is the God in me…
Jay-Tee being one of Netherlands most respected bass players today, he only discovered the bass guitar as a perfect instrument to express himself at the age of 18. He put all his energy into studying bass guitar and being naturally gifted, he learned to play as a professional in only 2 years time. Of course an average studying day would last 16-18 hours.

Jay-Tee developed his own recognizable sound and he was the original bass player with Candy Dulfers Funky Stuff until he fell of a 6 story building in Amsterdam only two weeks after shooting the video clip Lily was here featuring Dave Stewart and Candy Dulfer. With a broken and fixated wrist and several bone fractures including a shattered pelvis and broken spine everybody thought his bass playing career was over. Naturally driven to play but being forced to change his career plans Jay-Tee even increased his bass playing technique and his unique recognizable style & sound after his miraculous recovery in 1989.