Jengi, born as Jan Berendsen in 1996, The Netherlands, is making music since 2013.
His childhood dream was to become a professional skateboarder and video director, eventually he discovered the
infinite possibilities of electronic music on his fathers computer, which turned out to be his real thing.
He was raised with different styles like lounge, soul, hiphop and classic rock and has found his own sound over the
years. An example is the warm futuristic synthesizer he creates including a crossover of house and hiphop drums
and cutted vocal samples.
Jengi made his debut with his first EP called Colors, that was brought out on January 27th 2017.
The EP reached over more than a milion streams and it was featured in the BBC Radio 1Xtra Jamz Supernova's top
40 EP Of The Year.
He also did several shows in Europe and Asia for the first time.
Currently the Dutch producer is working on solo material and collaborations with other musicians.