Not many talents get such a warm welcome into the scene as gifted newcomer JNXD. Although he is just getting started, Alexander’s tracks already receive support from the scenes’ biggest game changers like Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators, Wildstylez and many more. But more importantly; mainstages are within grasp since the rollercoaster of mad success he got on is just picking up speed. Get ready to get JNXD!

From Defqon.1 Festival to Decibel
These last years alone, JNXD became an esteemed act by spinning at the biggest Hardstyle events such as Defqon.1 Festival (2015 & 2016), C.R.A.F.T. (2016) and the memorable Euphoria stage at Decibel outdoor festival (2016). By mixing his sets effortlessly, Alexander is gaining notoriety with a confident on-stage presence that meets high standards. Combine this with creating his own A+ quality productions, JNXD stands out far above other newcomers and is definitely the number one talent to have on your radar.

Studio Junkie
Rocking stages is not the only thing Alexander has been doing. Working endless hours in the studio has become his second nature. Pushing himself and his creations have resulted in numerous milestones such as well received ‘On The Edge’ (2016), an on Qlimax 2015 premiered ‘Keep On Calling’, and highly anticipated ‘Rush On’ (2015) that climbed the Hardstyle charts without effort. Rumors even spread that JNXD tracks are created by world class producers, however his productions are the result of being a perfectionist who is not easily satisfied. He will push his musical boundaries to the limits finding the perfect signature JNXD sound; melodic but with floor filling drops and tremendous drive.

That’s how it started
Making an epic entry into the scene is what characterized Alexander’s early milestones. Creating a first release with an original twist was his main priority. When ‘That’s How It Is’ (2014) was released straight on Scantraxx Recordz, the track made an impact on not only the entire scene but also on its professionals. Soon, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators (to name a few) played ‘That’s How It Is’ on Mainstages like Defqon.1 Festival (NL/AUS), Decibel outdoor festival, Qlimax, Mysteryland and Q-BASE.

Up to this day ‘That’s How It Is’ and the RAW edit Alexander made in 2014, are still doing their magic on the biggest events, so much for a first release! With a high energy stage presence, relentless passion to bring out the best in his productions and a keen eye for knowing what a crowd needs during his sets, Alexander is eager and ready to take the Hardstyle scene by storm. Only time will tell when JNXD is featured as a headliner on all mainstages.
Get ready to get JNXD!