There are not al lot or artist who had a really good first year like JoeyAK. The rapper from Amsterdam released in January 2017 his first track ‘Drecht’ and he as more that 100.000.000 views and streams with his first track. In the beginning of 2018, he released is first EP ‘Luitenant’. It is remarkable that he wasn’t serious about making a career out of music. He really started writing a lot when he was in jail, but he didn’t release anything, but he started thinking differently. In that period the actor, Peter Faber helped him. He regularly visited JoeyAK in jail to make tracks. The most known tracks of JoeyAK nowadays are:

  • JoeyAK – Balmain ft. Idaly en Boef
  • JoeyAK – Sevn Alias, Vic9 en D-Double
  • JoeyAK – Holendrecht Anthem ft. Bright, Lucc, Jaykoppig, Bigiedagoe en J-Boy
  • Jonna Fraser – Touchdown ft. Sevn Alias en JoeyAK