Maarten Vorwerk is a Dutch Dance producer who is active in the scene since 2001. He produces under a large variety of aliases and styles. He has a discography which consists over more than 400 tracks. In the early zeros, he had a lot of success in the Jump & Hardstyle scene. Later on in his career he started to produce more commercial dance music for other DJ’s and disappeared more to the background. He’s primarily focussed on making Festival and Beatport topping Dance tracks. In the past decade, he helped to kickstart several DJ careers with his music productions. In 2007 he scored his first instrumental number one hit in Holland and Poland with “Jeckyll & Hyde – Freefall.” Together with Quintino he scored his second instrumental number one hit in Holland with the song “Epic.” Next to that, he scored multiple top ten hits and received multiple awards during his career, including the Dutch TMF (MTV) award.