Major K(real name: Kevin Major) started off his career hosting ‘Teknoville’
and ‘Dans Charts’ at well known Belgian radio station Studio Brussel when he was barely 19 years old. No surprise then that a career in dj’ing and making dance music always has been one of his objectives.

He’s been a dj since his high school years and amassed a great number of performances at prolific parties ever since, playing at festivals like Laundry Day and Woosha!, The Color Run, and venues like La Rocca, Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Vooruit Gent and Petrol Antwerp.

After remixes for Camden, Sutrastore and The Go Go Prophecy major K explored the dance music world even further as the steady producer of his own material.
‘Mosquito’ (2012), ‘Pizzy’ (2013), ‘Serenity’ (2014), ‘Night of the Fox’ (2015), ‘Eastern Promises’ (2016), ’No Fear’ (2016) and ‘Magic’ (2017) are already out there.

‘(Live love) Life’ is in the works, as are a couple of other tracks.
In 2016 he hosted Summerfestival Radio and Laundry Day Radio on Radio FG.
He has his regular mix show ‘Flash Forward’ (Mixcloud / iTunes podcasts) and organises the ‘Flash Forward Presents’ parties (first one oct. 21).

It’s clear that major K’s aiming for ever brighter horizons, targeting all parties and festivals great and small that enjoy a good mix of styles, ranging from electro house to d&b.