MarcoAntonio Spaventi is a musician, producer and audio engineer from Rome, Italy. After graduating in electronic engineering in Rome, he moved to Amsterdam. He spent the following years teaching and growing his technical skills in the studio and on stage.

Nowadays Marco is a full time producer and audio engineer in mixing, mastering, post production and sound design for picture. He works for several clients worldwide and regularly plays live gigs as MaSpaventi. He also lectures Ableton, Synthesis and Sampling at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam.

Given his background as a musician, Marco collects the best in vintage and modern synthesisers and drum machines, such as a Fender Rhodes and several modules in the eurorack format. His studio is part of the Nachtlab complex, is professionally tuned and is provided by high definition and full range PMC speakers. He works everyday with top gear, the best in both the analogue and digital world.