Born as Terence Thomas Helle, MC Tellem always knew he wanted to perform. He enjoyed all kinds of music. His English influences lead him to listen to UK Garage and Drum and Bass. These fast and deep sounds developed and at the young age of 11 he started to visit teenage hardstyle parties in his hometown.

In 2008 he visited Decibel Outdoor festival and saw MC DV8 perform for the first time. The power DV8 transferred to the crowd that day made Tellem believe there couldn’t be a greater feeling. In 2011 Tellem started his MC carreer. Because of the lack of Hardstyle parties in his area he made his debut in the house scene. At Emporium in 2011 he met a dj who provided him with his first Hardstyle gig. It was planned for the 4th of November 2011. a couple of months earlier Tellem received a call if he wanted to host Psalm 23. of course he said yes. This became his Hardstyle debut. Psalm 23 on the 9th of September 2011.