DJ Moortje is a well know Dutch Antillean bubbling and urban music DJ from the Netherlands. Starting out in 1988 at discotheque Voltage in The Hague where DJ Moortje played a reggae single on 45rpm instead of 33rpm. The speedy rhythm soon caught on and together with catchy rhythms form MC Pret and MC Pester a new form of music was born, bubbling. The lyrics are mostly in Papiamentu, English or Dutch. You may know DJ Moortje from the bubbling tracks:

  • DJ Moortje – Plakken – Alvaro remix ft. The Partysquad, Kempi, Adje, MC Pester & Alvaro
  • DJ Moortje – Plakken ft. The Partysquad, IMMO, ORI, Dongo, Ataniro & Zyon
  • DJ Moortje – Kalibreer ft. CharDony, Rascle, Makka