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Hailing from Delft, close friends and music lovers Bart Riem and Sam van Wees, team up as Mr. Belt & Wezol, a playful DJ duo that combines different elements of house music to create energetic tracks and sets that move dance floors. Though their monthly “Mr. Belt & Wezol Room” podcast is a spoof on super hip Boiler Room sessions, their music is anything but a joke.

Things kick off in summer 2013, when Bart and Sam literally visit a different festival every week and instead of hanging out at the main stage they’re enjoying the smaller stages. This is where their idea of becoming Mr. Belt & Wezol is born. Since then, they’ve bonded over their love for dance music by raving away to UK and deep house music at festivals and by producing music of their own.

It’s a unique sound that arises, steeped in classic house vibes, and perhaps best portrayed with their first joint track, ‘Homeless’, released in 2013. Made by Sam, the duo’s fixed producer, the tune launches Mr. Belt & Wezol as innovators in creating light-hearted dance tunes.