Nadia Struiwigh is a DJ and electronic producer from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Sitting somewhere between Biosphere and Boards of Canada, Struiwigh’s refined downtempo electronica takes you on a journey full of synthesized soundscapes that flirt with ambient techno. After releasing “Lenticular” on “Central Processing Unit” and getting constant praise for her work from Resident Advisor she now returns with her first full length and her first cooperation with Denovali called “WHRRu” (Where are you).

“WHRRu” combines the warm electronics and dynamic sound of Nadia’s previous works with a new film-composing orientated cinematic sound and approach. The result is a ten tracks album with electronic listening music for quiet nights and long journeys.

Nadia says: ‘”WHHRu” is written with emotions and memories from my childhood. The use of acoustic instruments and synthesizers gave me the opportunity to settle a past/ future concept for all the chapters. Going back to those moments helped me to close a book and to find a safe place within myself. My own story has just started.’

“… it works in slow, drawn out movements – the piercing grumble of drone stretching and throbbing over spaced out pads. With each track the percussive footsteps edge ever nearer and nearer…” (WIRE)

“a superb armchair techno record for the post-IDM generation” (Resident Advisor)

“a pair of mindbending dance sketches that blur the liens between industrial and something verging on techno” (Boomkat)