For Ruud the journey started when he was only 12 years old. He discovered the magic sounds of Hardstyle while listening to ‘Aiming For Your Brain’ by Headhunterz. He did not only become inspired through the pounding kicks but mostly encouraged to start producing Hardstyle by himself.
Ruud is the typical example of the: ‘hard work pays of’ expression. His devotion and conviction was beyond limits what later caused a drastic turning point in his future career. For him it became more than just a hobby, Hardstyle became his work and lifestyle.

With his charismatic and social skills, he explored opportunities and ran into Titan who introduced him to Fusion Records. For over three years Ruud kept sending him an unaccountable amount of demos.
His dedication was more than appreciated and finally all the hard work paid of.
Ruud was signed by Supreme Agency and became a member of the Fusion family.
Retrospect was born!