As a Digital Creative at MediaMonks, Roan Laenen has been the orchestrator of multiple worldwide digital productions on behalf of clients like Google, Old Spice and KLM. He sets the tune that helps project teams dance their way successfully from concept to completion, crowding his career with award-winning AR experiences, websites and experiential activations.

Roan is a man on multiple missions. From raising awareness for bees through a buzzworthy virtual hive project, to turning telepathy from a sci-fi dream into a reality with a mind-controlled race car, he’s never been one to settle for just ticking off a to-do list. If he’s going to do it at all, he’ll go big or go home. (And he never goes home. Just ask his coworkers. They’re all a bit concerned at this point.)

His academic background in Liberal Arts & Sciences has helped him walk the line between blue-sky thinking and down-to-earth execution: he’s always on cloud nine, but keeps his feet planted on solid ground.

That dual thinking also helps him pursue his true passion: music. Embracing a wide variety of genres has helped Roan see the beauty in everything from the rollicking beats of deep melodic house, to the groovy basslines of old school disco. His eclectic taste informs his own sound as a DJ, and he’s enjoyed playing to energized crowds in night clubs in Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong, as well as closer to home, in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

He’s fiercely fascinated by the potential of new technology to blend audio and visual together in as-yet-unimagined ways. He believes that the digital era allows for a more immersive extension of an artist’s musical world. Aside from working with record labels on how to be successful in the digital area, he also wants to help artists explore how to set themselves apart. In this rapidly evolving world with new technologies, Roan believes we’ll never run out of exciting ways for artists or labels to connect with their audience — and he’s certainly never going to stop exploring them.