The 14th of October Sofie Letitre will present her second EP, ‘Take to heels’. The content and visuals of ‘Take to heels’ can be seen as the optimistic twin sister of its predecessor, ‘Uncanny Valley’.  The artwork represents the playful, colourful part of reality that we often loose because we categorise and label everything around us. ‘Take to heels’ is about trying to escape this categorisation by running away. Though the atmosphere is dreamy, the new EP fortunately continues on the course set by ‘Uncanny valley’. The mysterious atmosphere and the menacing beats are anchored even more solidly in a wayward mix of dark pop music and electronic sound. Sofie’s debut EP was widely noticed and praised both nationally and internationally. Her music was played by a.o. Mary Ann Hobbs (BBC Radio 6), Eddy Temple Morris (XFM) and she was a regular guest at the Dutch radio programmes of 3FM and 3voor12. The accompanying video clips had their premières via a.o. Noisey and through Clash Magazine in the UK. Besides that, she performed at Amsterdam Dance Event and the renowned Pitch festival.