From the vivid city of Budapest, two Hungarian producers that go by the name of David and Sullivan form: Stadiumx At the end of 2012 Stadiumx was the start of a philosophy by David and Sullivan. They were both under the impression that if they were creating a unique energetic sound for Stadiumx, while fusing production techniques from multiple genres and combining their own sound design, they would end up with a product which name fits well in the Stadiumx vocabulary: ‘Big-Stadium’ ! From a collaboration with Nicky Romero, ‘Harmony’ to their own originals, such as ‘Howl At The Moon’, ‘Wonderland’, ‘Ghost’ and ’Time Is On Your Side’, their sound turns out to be inevitable and very contagious. You can expect lots of new game changing productions that will make you experience the sound of: Stadiumx “Play it f*#k!n’ loud!”