Thomás Goethals a.k.a. The Flexican is an Amsterdam-based producer and DJ. With his birthplace being Mexico City, where he spent the first 10 years of his life, and an education at School for Audio Engineering in Amsterdam, The Flexican developed to be a great technical musician with an exceptional instinct for rhythm and musical diversity.

He built his reputation as a widely eclectic and skilled DJ. In 2013, The Flexican produced the track Watch Out For This (Bumaye) together with FS Green, initially released on his ‘Yours Truly II’ mixtape. After being adopted by Major Lazer, it became an international smash-hit, propelling The Flexican into international stardom.

For his New Moon EP back in 2016, he went back to his musical starting point as a producer, namely hip-hop, combined with his recent flirtation with house and techno. Let’s not forget his two collaborative releases, the Africa-inspired EP ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’ and the Japanese-inspired ME目EP together with the Studio Koto imprint artists Wantigga, Jengi and Jaël.

With a feel for scouting workable samples, and turning them into global hits, Thomás was honoured to have the opportunity to dive into Fania Records’ collection. His new single “Come To Me” came to fruition after two years of digging through Fania’s archives of approximately 19.000 master recordings and 8.000 compositions. With a cutting-edge sound that represents modern R&B, this new track is a testament to The Flexican’s ability to push genre bounds, and represents his broad, tried and tested taste in music.