A new sound is here and ready to take over.
One that shatters the underground halls, arena’s and clubs. A signature sound, which is atmospheric, energetic and powerful, all merged into one ‘in your face, hands in the air’ style!

Thyron started experimenting with electronic music at an early age. He straightaway got addicted, spending whole days in the studio developing his unique sound. Thyron’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed. In January 2015 he won the Harderstate Music Award as ‘The talent of the year 2014’!! His music is supported by the biggest names in the hard dance industry.
His skills are not limited to producing. He is also a highly skilled DJ, performing for crowds all over the world. Clubs or festivals, no crowd is safe for the energy he unleashes!
He has a way of connecting with the audience and taking them on an intense journey, with only one goal: crowd satisfaction!
2017 brings a new chapter. The future is looking bright and for those that can’t get enough of him, there’s a lot to look forward to.
As you can see, young boys grow up fast!