Norwegian artist, DJ and producer Martin Tungevaag started his musical career with his smash hit «Wicked Wonderland» back in 2014, which became a summer hit and led to shows at clubs and festival main stages all over Europe. Later the same year, «Samsara» reached number #1 on the charts. GRAMMY award-nominated, Multi-platinum status (75x awarded including Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, South Africa and more) as well as more than 2.3 Billion audio streams worldwide and over 1B Streams on Spotify, he is already top 300 artist of all time on the platform. In 2019, Tungevaag teamed up with Alan Walker and released «PLAY». Which already received more than 90M streams. In the upcoming months Tungevaag has a lot of big releases and cool tours lined up- starting with being his solo release on Spinnin’ Records called «Knockout» which features a music video directed by himself and already has more than 20M streams within the first couple months. Followed by the smash called «Peru».