At NPAC (Dutch Pop Academy) a wide range of talented producers, artists and DJ’s are enrolled, each working hard to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. In this session, we introduce you to a new and upcoming talent: VANTIX.

Powerful and emotional, bittersweet melodies and drops that pack a punch. All of this combined makes you want to headbang to it. That’s how Vantix’ music is best described. Vantix (Ids Jacobs) spends countless hours to perfect his tracks and is still searching and improving it at the moment. Before he got in touch with the bigger artists and labels, he always enjoyed taking part in remix competitions. After reaching second place in several remix competitions and even with a close call to a first place with a Fox Stevenson remix, he got in touch with people like Ill.Gates, Brooks and Fox Stevenson himself. From there he got in touch further with labels like NCS, UKF and Rushdown. With his gigantic amount of knowledge about mixing and sound design, he has shown his skills to several producers. Right now he is switching his style around for something refreshing and more original, something you most likely have never heard before.