The interest in music started at an early age for Warface. Growing up with an era full of distorted Hardcore sounds. Further on his interest in the harder styles begun to grow. At the age of 16 he visited his first Hardstyle party and was immediately hooked. At this moment Warface knew he wanted to become a DJ and producer.

After several years of producing and experimenting with both Hardcore and Hardstyle it wasn’t until he decided in 2011 to make his first real Hardstyle demo. The recent developments within the Hardstyle at this time towards the so called “Raw Hardstyle” re-ignited his passion.

After sending a demo to the famous Dutch Master Works label, he joined and debuted his first release including “Warmachine”, “My Name Is Warface” and “Killer Itch”.

The first release was described as raw, energetic and very versatile. Warface isn’t just a raw hardstyle producer but also has a message with underlying political content to tell the people.

Aiming to be a versatile and unique DJ, Warface always has his side-kick MC Jor-D with him to spread the message that Warface has to tell.

After releasing his first EP on Dutch Master Works he got in contact with Dark Pact, a producer at the raw and much loved Spoontech Records. After deciding to do a remix of “Distorted Mind” for Dark Pact, he also was looking for a new home for his solo tracks that were deemed too raw and dark by DMW so the time came to find a new label.

The next logical step for Warface was presenting these tracks to Spoontech and from there his debut release “Bloodshed” was signed!

Warface is excited to share his talent with the Spoontech label and to bring something new, raw and fresh to the scene.