Zero Sanity, the DJ alias of Steven Hills, has been infected by the virus of the harder styles since 2002.
After visiting various events, Steven bought his own turntables as an admirer of this particular form
of music.
His new occupation started to evolve quickly as a second lifestyle. Soon enough he participated in
several DJ contests, but Steven simply wanted more than that.
His passion for music grew tremendously and eventually resulted in the need to learn how to
produce. In 2007 his style got more mature and resulted in several requests from well-known artists.
Various tracks were supported by DJ’s such as Brennan Heart, DJ Luna, Josh & Wesz and Thilo &
Evanti. This fueled Steven to take his music to a whole new level.
In 2009 his first hardstyle tracks were released with massive support at many major events. Zero
Sanity's sound can be described as passionate, fresh but with an out of the box twist. No room for
narrow-mindedness, just producing music which is accessible to everybody.
Zero Sanity also became part of The Magic Show community. Tune in regularly to its radio show to
check out one of his banging mixes as being part of The Magic Show's residents. Zero Sanity has
already performed in several countries such as Poland, England, Belgium, Hungary and Denmark.
Nowadays he teams up with Low-E as duo Low-E and Zero Sanity. Combing all the social media and
production forces get ready for a new era of these two artists.