Sometimes a passion gives birth to a company…

That is what happened in 1993, when Jos Bokken created AB Music to distribute musical instruments in the Benelux. Importing all kinds of instruments, strings and accessories from all over the world is our daily business, and we LOVE it!
Our goal is to create the perfect partnership between all channels providing musical instruments to the end-user.

Nowadays, AB Music changed his name into AB and created divisions @ AB by gathering AB Music, AB Audio & AB Classic, where each division has its own responsible, dedicated commercial people on the road and a sales coordinator in-house, on the phone.

Buying is one thing, selling is another one.
Our reputation with our suppliers and customers is our ability to add value to the Product and of course to the Brand.
We are active on
Facebook and Twitter. We organise demos with famous and local artists in the shops to gather musicians and give them the “make music feeling”.
Not to forget: our B to B website, which many of our dealers are using to place orders and know everything about deliveries, etc…24 hours a day.