AnaMod was founded in 2006 by two industry veterans, Dave Amels (Bomb Factory, Voce), and Greg Gualtieri (Pendulum Audio). Its mission: to design, manufacture, and market audio equipment based on an entirely new concept. The same patented mathematical modeling procedures used by Dave Amels to create digital plugins for Bomb Factory have been applied to the creation of AnaMod’s analog products. Analog audio products designed by this method use the AnaMod process in their creation, are entirely analog, and do not process audio in the digital domain.

Dave Amels has previously co-founded five other audio related companies: Bomb Factory Digital (manufacturer of audio plug-ins), Amels Audio, Amels and Alonso Electronic Design (an electronics consulting company), and musical instrument manufacturers Voce and Diversi Organs.  All of these companies are known for extrmemely high quality and aesthetic standards with regards to their products.