Audiolinear is the brainchild of Steve Begg, who has a long history in electronics manufacturing and audio design.
Steve is the owner, director and principal design engineer of Audiolinear – specialising in design of ultra-high-end studio products.

Steve has been a Product Development Consultant and Design Engineer for over forty years with professional experience gained within a wide range of leading-edge companies and electronic product market sectors.

In the 90’s, Steve worked for Neve Electronics. He worked on the Capricorn mixing desk, designing the quad 64ch audio hub as well as the VU meter system.

However, his career has been varied to say the least. Steve has also previously worked for Aston Martin, on the Virage, at the old factory in Newport Pagnell.

Throughout his career, his one constant passion has always been audio. A lover of most genres of music, a bad piano player, but having a keen interest in the entire creative process of making music – from composition to laying a track down in a studio.