At a very young age I already had the impression that music would play an important role in my life. At the age of 6 I was playing Tiritomba on a Melodica during a contest while being on holiday with my parents. That year I had my introduction to the music academy in my hometown Kortrijk where I started learning to read and understand music. At my age of 10 I started learning to play church organ during 8 years and ended the courses at the age of 18. When graduated from the academy I already had my own recording studio in a little room, designed by my father and myself. In 1998 I started making music and audio mixes for eventdirectors and recording en mixing commercials. After a while I was producing and recording several dance & pop tracks for several record labels. During that time I already did the live audio engineering of bands and artists on events and several studio engineering projects at the famous Galaxy Studio’s in Mol (Belgium). In 2016 I invested in a brand new studio in the center of Bruges! Ready to produce and record new stunning tracks and productions. While designing the new studio it was very important to create a comfortable and nice workingplace with the right atmosphere. If its producing and recording or have a brainstorming session with artists and creative talented upcoming dj’s and artists.