iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool. Tool collects all the tracks that are part of your Rekordbox or iTunes collection and concentrate them into a single containing folder on the disk you chose. It doesn’t matter if your tracks are scattered over several different disks or even on cloud drives or file servers. If the Macos is able read them then CBT can back them up. CBT creates a so called “Rekordbox.xml” or “iTunes Music Library.xml” file on the target disk. This XML-file is an identical representation of your collection, including folders/playlists and when it comes to Rekordbox even cue’s, loops etc. If you plug the target drive into someone else’s computer and you point his Rekordbox to the XML-file on the target drive you’ll have access to your entire Rekordbox or iTunes collection as it is on your computer in addition to that computer’s normal Rekordbox collection. This access is quarantined from the normal collection and it is temporary, the moment you unmount the disk your collection is gone from that Rekordbox. But while it is there, you can created USBs for use on CDJS etc.

Because not everyone is on MacOS there is a tiny little app installed on the CBT drive that will convert the default (MacOS compatible) Rekordbox.XML to one you can use with Rekordbox for Windows. So yes you can now collaborate with your fellow DJ’s on their hardware. And have a safety net in case things go wrong with your own hardware all in one.

If the target drive is correctly formatted (exFAT MBR) then it can be used with either Denon’s Engine Prime for MacOS or Windows as well as plugged into the Denon SC5000 mediaplayer directly. All you need to do is run the Denon Conversion Utility on the “Rekordbox.xml” or the “iTunes Music Library.xml”on the target drive. A procedure that is fully automated due to CBT’s Prime integration Settings.

The drive remains fully usable in Rekordbox and iTunes as well.