Denon Conversion Utility. DeCU was written from the ground up to convert to the Denon Prime ecosystem. ATGR embraces the Denon SC5000 media player and the X1800 mixer. But the app Denon released as collection manager for this platform leaves a lot to be desired. The philosophy behind DeCU is captured in a single phrase #KeepYourWorkflow. It doesn’t matter if Traktor, Cross DJ or Rekordbox is your DJ software of choice, DeCU will make transition to the Denon Prime platform painless. For Serato and iTunes users DeCU also offers ways to preserve their collection and it’s folder/playlist structure. Stay on your DJ platform of choice and just add to your Engine Prime collection whatever is needed. Conversion to Prime can be done fully automatic with the end result being a USB drive that can be attached to the SC5000 player or serve as part of an Engine Prime collection. All without any manual labor in Engine Prime.

At the moment of this writing DeCU is the only conversion to Engine prime that will translate existing folder/playlist structures to crates, Denon Prime only supports flat playlists. It will convert cues and loops with their names and colors. DeCU also converts the beatgrid, bpm value and key so all time invested in setting this data is not wasted by Prime’s default overwriting with analyzed values.

Included with the DeCU distribution is the Denon eXtractor Tool. DeXT extracts the information from a USB drive that was used on the SC5000 player. It will convert playlists, history and prepare list to Rekordbox and a tab delimited text file. Engine Prime does not offer any export capabilities at all. The prepare list is only visible on the player not in the software. DeXT unlocks crucial information back to your computer so royalty payments for played sets can be easily filled using the history text files instead of manually typing them over.

Other apps included with the DeCU distribution are the iTunes Rekordbox Collection Backup Tool , also sold separately, and the Engine Prime cleaner.