Denon DJ is the leading manufacturer of no-compromise equipment for demanding professional DJs. Since the introduction of its dual-rackmount CD player in 1992, Denon DJ has provided premium, innovative solutions for world-class performances night after night. With particular emphasis on precision audio engineering and rugged build quality, Denon DJ equipment is recognized as the unquestioned leader in take-no-prisoners DJ equipment.

Showing at Dancefair 2018 – Denon DJ’s latest Prime Series DJ equipment delivers unprecedented levels of performance, ease of use, musical file organization and complete system synergy. The ‘DJ Mag Tech Award’ winning SC5000 Prime media player, powered by a multicore processor, features multi-touch display technology plus dual-layer playback, for the ultimate in DJ expression. The X1800 Primemixer features tempo-locked, BPM FX controls plus individual sweep/filter effects for each channel. The VL12 Prime was designed and built from the ground up to be the ideal professional DJ turntable. With heavy-duty all-metal construction, superior acoustic isolation and adjustable torque to fit any DJ style, the VL12 Prime cuts, scratches, and blends any music to perfection. The Denon DJ Prime Series represents the future of professional DJ performance —and it’s here today!