“We help our students to improve their skills.”

DJ School International is a foundation that stands for talent development. Where people used to take piano or violin lessons, DJ School International teaches you how to mix instruments and music together as a DJ or music producer. All ages are given the opportunity to discover and to develop their musical talent. Everybody, from the age of nine, can come to DJ School International for a course or education.

For the younger kids, under the age of 9, DJ School International has a course to ‘learn music whilst playing’: every lesson is a party. During this special DJ Junior lessons our experienced instructors teach them what every button means, how to build a great mix and how to distinguish different styles of music. One thing is always the same. Whether our instructors teach a beginner or someone who is advanced, they teach with great passion for music and knowledge of the latest DJ gear. Our foundation and people show that it takes more than a play button to become a DJ.

Not just aspiring DJ’s can come to a location of DJ School International, also the more advanced DJ’s stop by regularly. Because of the extremely fast tempo in which DJ’ing evolves, it definitely stays interesting for the advanced (and professional) DJ’s to stay informed on new techniques and the latest trends at DJ School International. Also important to know is that the complete organization of DJ School International works socially responsible. They work together with non-profit organisations and youth organisations so all kind of people can get the opportunity to play on stage, discover their talent and show the audience what they can do.

DJ School International is the covering organisation of multiple DJ Schools nationally and internationally. Because of the high quality standard of DJ School Breda, the urge has risen to maintain this quality throughout the nation. Because of this, programmes were developed so that the same amount of quality could be guaranteed everywhere. At the moment, DJ School Breda, DJ School Roosenaal and DJ School Bergen op Zoom have joined DJ School International. In the nearby future, there are more to come.

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