dOb Hearing Protection is a manufacturer of reusable earplugs and custom made hearing protection. All products within the Black Series line are fitted with a special music filter. This filter gives you the ultimate music experience thanks to its flat attenuation. At our booth we offer you the possibility to directly make ear impression for custom made hearing protection for a special price.

Visit our booth and meet our brand ambassadors who will be playing the best beats. Make sure you don’t miss this! Curious who will be playing at our booth? Check our socials.

dOb Black series
dOb Foam

Merken info:
Black series:
If you’re a real music lover than the products within the Black series line are extremely suitable. The flat attenuation filters give you the ultimate sound experience while protecting your ears against the high sound levels. When listening to music or making music, it is important to hear all the different frequencies. The products within the Black series damp evenly in all frequencies. As a result, the sound is not distorted but rather enriched.

As one of the few in the market, the dOb foam contains a filter. Normal non-filtered disposable foams damp sound excessively and isolate you from your environment, which can lead to unsafe situations.

The dOb foam is comfortable to wear for a longer time and easy to put in the ear. The dOb foam naturally offers sound with good speech intelligibility and ensures complete noise reduction to safe listening levels.