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EboSuite is video sampling, edit, mix and visual effects software aimed specifically at musicians and audiovisual artists. EboSuite provides an unrivalled way of integrating video into live shows and music productions. It enables musicians to produce/perform their own video clips and visual music without having to learn about complex video editing or VJ software, giving them full control over their visual identity.

EboSuite consists of a growing set of plug-ins for Ableton Live, designed to fit seamlessly in the creative workflow of music producers and performers. Everything that needs to be done to create and perform audiovisual compositions can be done straight from their music sequencer. All video processing is done outside of Ableton Live in the dedicated EboSuite application that runs in the background to maximize performance and reliability.

Ebostudio has developed and created EboSuite during the past years. EboStudio is an international pioneer in the field of audiovisual, multidisciplinary art and video sampling since 1996. Since then EboStudio has developed many cutting edge audiovisual software applications, all these innovations will be integrated into EboSuite in the near future.