The professional division of Focal, Focal Professional, has been constantly learning since its arrival on the monitor scene. Its ultimate goal? To offer high-performance work tools and an extreme level of precision, enabling all professionals and music production enthusiasts to have total confidence in what they are hearing. Totally transparent reproduction of the audio signal has been made possible by, among other aspects, the development of innovative technologies such as the ‘W’ composite sandwich cone, or the pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeter.

Over the years, these innovations have established the loudspeakers from the SM6 line as true references, in their category, on the professional audio market. However, while these high-end monitors guarantee the reproduction of each and every micro-detail, exceptional sound image precision and absolute neutrality, they remain primarily dedicated to nearfield. So how could Focal satisfy sound engineers who prefer working in the midfield? How could we meet the needs of the biggest, highest-volume studios searching for that coveted Focal sound signature? With Trio11 Be.

Discover the new reference monitor from Focal Professional, designed for both nearfield and midfield applications. Trio11 Be includes the latest technological innovations for music production, post-production or broadcast, offering an excellent SPL without compromising neutrality and acoustic transparency, so essential for studio work.