I am Aleksandar Aleksandrov. I am a Bulgarian 29 year old videographer based in the Netherlands . I have had the pleasure to work with amazing dj, organisers, clubs and brands in the last two years of my career. I

Raised in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, my love for cinematography started at just the age of 19 .. My friends and I would shoot video of each other using a handy cam then used the footage to create VHS tapes. Little did I know those dear memories would foster in me a strong passion to pursue video production for the rest of my life.

As I entered my 20’s,i lived in Germany where i was following another passion of mine. (cooking). After graduating a high end cooking school and owning my own restaurant i decided to give it all away and proceed with my dream videographer career. In my late 20’s i started to develop my shooting and editing skills. I then began to reach out for semi/free professional work at clubs and event organisations. Soon enough i was getting recognised and recommended by more and more people. With some effort and persistence all dreams can come true.

Today, I work as a Freelance Videographer shooting and editing after movies for Dj’s, parties, documentaries, promotional material, video projects for web, and more.