KB|MF is specialised in ‘architectural acoustic designs’ for music studio’s, broadcast environments and production facilities. The KB|MF designs distinguish themselves in an ideal balance between acoustic isolation, room acoustics and practical accoutrements which incorporate the well-known ANC (Acoustic Neutral Concept) consoles. More than 30 years’ acoustical experience and over 200 turn-key projects are the fundaments of KB|MF. If wanted, advise can also be given in power and grounding solutions, airco, klima solutions and building constructions. By means of 2D and 3D animations we design your studio and take care of all your wishes and demands. A custom tailor made 3D acoustical program has been developed bij KB|MF for the high demanding acoustic needs of a recording studio or mixdown room. Please be advised if you want to build or tune your studio and thus visit KB|MF.