Metrum Acoustics, Dutch made DACs, Heard Globally! Metrum Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of a well-formed range of Digital to Analogue converters, Digital Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.Metrum Acoustics products are used by Artists, Music Professionals, Gamers, Audiophiles and for that matter anybody who can truly enjoy the original sound of music, sound as it was intended. which makes Metrum’s products unique, is the fact that we use our own DAC chips, branded Transient. Transient is not only used in Metrum’s own product line up, but also used in various OEM products in the audio market. Besides the fact that Metrum products do have a unique sound because of its own proprietary DAC chips, is that we apply the Non-Oversampling (NOS) principle in our digital to analog converters, which makes sound pristine and the way it was intended when recorded. Hence the reason producers, dj’s and artists love our DAC products!