“Changing your life or lifestyle is a goal you have to follow with your heart , which is kind what he is all about “.
When you look at the Dutchman’s career ,you’ll understand why.

Morel is one of the worlds’s leading recording studio designers, and in the words of Sinatra : he did it his way.
Currently Working with the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music- Hardwell, David Guetta, Martin Garrix , Oliver Heldens
and NOTO Philadelphia, to name a few. Morel started as a classical guitarist, then ended up selling guitars , pianos , drums…
and then drum machines, samplers, speakers and consoles , moving seamlessly into the pro-audio sector.

Then came the studios ,but this is not design in the most conventional manner.
Morel’s succes is down to his relationships, and common sense “a great pair of ears helps, “ but only after you’ve seen the problems”.